We are proud to announce the "Alpha" release of the Mac version of the Douglass Browser.

The Douglass Browser introduces a new paradigm in computing that furthers our commitment to Community Empowerment, and SOUL.

Douglass Browser Features.

  1. No Ads
  2. Rosa - The Douglass Browser includes Rosa a Decentralized, encrypted messaging & social collaboration service. Rosa is named in Honor of Rosa Parks.
  3. Douglass Calls - Peer to Peer video calls.
  4. Breath - Meditation Timer.
  5. Douglass Meta Search Engine - The Douglass Search engine does not store any information about users and their activities
  6. Colors - Beautiful Random Network Art

To receive download links and information about Douglass products and services you will need to take the Beloved Community Pledge.

Learn more about the BCL.

For more information contact: frederick@douglass.io